Playstation 3 fans

Other than paper customs,printing custom apparel,and private lessons in martial arts I also love the PS3 title "Little big planet". Several of my original levels are posted on the LBP community. Just look up "serpentdao" in your LBP search and play great levels like: "Haunted hills","Ghostbeard's haunted pirate puzzle ship",or "Death's necropolis" just to name a few :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shin Tanaka's Gritty "Jiang shi" hopping ghost

A custom I completed last year of Tanaka sama's Griity template. Jiang shi are also called "hopping ghosts" or "chinese vampires". This custom came from my love of old kung fu flicks like Mr. vampire" and Sammo Hung's "Close encounters of the spooky kind".


  1. hi
    i like very much your design and i am also a fan of both Shin Tanaka and kung fu movies specially Samo hung work as an actor and director...could u send me the template?
    my email is:
    many thnxs in advance
    best regards

  2. i really love your design and i am a big fan of shin.your "jiangshi" is cool and cute!!!so could you send me the template please?
    thank you very much!
    best wishes.