Playstation 3 fans

Other than paper customs,printing custom apparel,and private lessons in martial arts I also love the PS3 title "Little big planet". Several of my original levels are posted on the LBP community. Just look up "serpentdao" in your LBP search and play great levels like: "Haunted hills","Ghostbeard's haunted pirate puzzle ship",or "Death's necropolis" just to name a few :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shear Shakti gallery show

My friend Charlotte(also known as RED) finally opened her own hair salon called "Shear Shakti" downtown. I was asked to provide some of my digital paintings and custom hand painted hanging scrolls for her grand opening last month.These are a few of the pics and pieces.

Speakerdog "Oni"

This model is supposed to be on Ben the illustrator's 7th series in his Speakerdog collection. Not sure when the 7th series begins but I have been waiting to send this custom out until the release of this series. This was actually the very first custom paper craft I ever did!

Hoophy custom: Celtic Hoophy Brass knuckle bot.

Shin Tanaka's "Hoophy" gets a GRAVE makeover. From Tanaka's ongoing Hoophy template. This guy was created from my love of Celtic knotwork (and my own Irish heritage). The Brass knuckle bot is an idea I have had for a vinyl toy scuplture for years,but regrettably never had a chance to see through to completion.

Shin's "Boxy" custom skin "Ghostwriter"

This was the second custom paper model I did using Tanaka sama's Boxy template. The graff tag on the front of his shirt is actually from a real tag I painted some years back on trains in a local area I once bombed/tagged in.

Shin Tanaka's Gritty "Jiang shi" hopping ghost

A custom I completed last year of Tanaka sama's Griity template. Jiang shi are also called "hopping ghosts" or "chinese vampires". This custom came from my love of old kung fu flicks like Mr. vampire" and Sammo Hung's "Close encounters of the spooky kind".

Gubi Yoroi "Haunted Armor"

Custom skin designed around Painkillah's "Soul hunter" template.

3 eyed bear "Stage" custom

New custom skin for 3 eyed bear's awesome "Stage" template.All artwork on this model was hand drawn .Visit the triple eyed bear and pick up the "Graffiti Cobra" by GRAVE!